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Frederik-Childe Hassam was an American Impressionist landscape artist who was credited for bringing French Impressionism into popularity in America with his urban and New England coastal scenes. Born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 17, 1859, Hassam began his career as a wood carver and provided illustrations for the magazines Harper’s and Scribner’s. He studied art in Lowell and Boston before he travelled to Paris to attend the Académie Julian in 1886. Hassam’s interest in French Impressionism was unusual for an American. He studied the genre and adapted it to create his own American Impressionist style. In 1889, Hassam returned to the United States and moved to New York City where he remained for his entire life.

Frederik-Childe Hassam’s landscapes of burgeoning cities showed the growth of New York City and played a major role in portraying the everyday lives of the era. He also enjoyed visiting and painting smaller coastal towns throughout northeastern United States. His soft depiction of gardens, rocky coasts and islands became some of his best works. He was one of the founding members of The Ten, a group on American painters eager to show their paintings without the conservative guidelines of the Society of American Painters. In his life, Frederik-Childe Hassam painted over 2000 oils, watercolors, pastels and illustrations before his death in 1935.

"The man who will go down to posterity is the man who paints his own time and the scenes of every-day life around him." - Childe Hassam