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Who was painter James Abbott McNeil Whistler?
Who was painter James Abbott McNeil Whistler?

Posted by Sara on Jan 7th 2020

Published by Sara Elliott

Key Information:

- Forerunner of the Post-Impressionist movement

- Created "art for art's sake," a motto used by the painters in the Aesthetic movement

- Utilized a minimalist palette in muted tones

- Named many of his paintings with musical terminology, such as 'nocturne,' 'symphony' and arrangement, in an effort to highlight the artist's process rather than the subject matter depicted

- Whistler's most famous work of art is Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 1, also known as Whistler's Mother

- Deeply influenced by Japanese art, and responsible for prompting the Anglo-Japanese movement in fine art

"You shouldn't say it is not good. You should say, you do not like it; and then, you know, you're perfectly safe." -Whistler

Whistler was known for his eccentric nature and unwillingness to accept any criticism of his work.  



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