Joaquin Mir Trinxet

Joaquim Mir Trinxet was a Spanish landscape artist who led in the post-modernism era. Born on January 6, 1872, in Barcelona to a wealthy textile family, Mir Trinxet began his artistic journey at the Graner Academy. Unlike many artists at that time who traveled to Paris to further their art education, he continued on to attend The School of Fine Art in his home town of Barcelona. Many attribute the uniqueness and nonconformity of his painting style to his independence and solitary life, much unlike the other artists of that time period.

His first exhibition was in 1901 and received positive but confused reviews as his work was full of color but lacking form; it was unclear what the landscape depicted. Following a void in paintings from 1905 until early 1910 due to an accident, Joaquim Mir Trinxet’s art began to take on an abstract composition with bright vibrant colors that mimicked nature with a heightened color palette. He began to depict the landscapes through his own interpretation and his own reality with positive reviews during his later exhibitions.

He created a few commissioned murals in addition to his many landscape portraits. Mir Trinxet wrote an art manifesto where he summed up his motivation as, "All I want is for my works to lighten the heart and flood the eyes and the soul with light." He passed away on April 8, 1940 in Barcelona.