Anton Mauve

Anton Mauve was a Dutch realist painter who was a leading colorist of his time. Born on September 18, 1838, in Zaandam, Holland, Mauve began painting in his teens and went on to study with two painters. His first tutor was Pieter Frederik van Os and then Wouter Verschuur, who both specialized in cattle and horse paintings. They helped to develop his skills through working with nature. He began to favor oils that depicted people and animals in outdoor settings that focused on being true to the reality of the scene by not romanticizing the picture.

In 1872, Mauve established a studio in The Hague, the capital of South Holland, and soon became a leading member of the Hauge School of painters. He helped to establish the Pulchri Studio, which was a leading art society. For a few weeks toward the end of 1881, Mauve assisted Vincent van Gogh, who was a cousin to Mauve’s wife, in mastering watercolors and made a lasting impression on van Gogh.

In the two years preceding his death, Anton Mauve settled in the village of Laren in North Holland. He died suddenly on February 5, 1888, at the age of 50.