Edwin Henry Landseer

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer was a British painter, sculptor and engraver in the early nineteenth century London whose unrivaled talent for animal portraits broached every class level at that time. Born in London on March 7, 1802 to the son of an engraver, Sir Edwin Landseer was known as a child prodigy. As early as 13 years old, Landseer displayed his work at the Royal Academy. Through the years he received private lessons from various tutors and attended the Royal Academy in London for formal training. In 1826, Landseer was elected into the Royal Academy as an Associate. The fifteen years following his election were the most successful and creative time of his career.

Sir Edwin Landseer became a London favorite for animal portraits as well as many anthropomorphic renditions of animals with human qualities. Along with his animal paintings, he was also known to paint portraits and historical scenes. Queen Victoria commissioned him on many occasions for portraits of her pets, family and even herself. In 1850, he earned a knighthood by the Queen. Nearly twenty years later, due to mental anxiety and illness, his family had him declared legally insane. The following year Landseer passed away in London on October 1, 1873.