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Encore Environmental Commitment

Encore Editions is committed to conducting our business in a way that is as friendly as possible to the local and global environment.  We are not perfect, but we try to do whatever we can, without reducing the quality of our products.

If you have any suggestions about anything else we could or should be doing then please call our us at (215) 933-5047 or email us at

Ink Cartridge Recycling

As you can imagine, we use a lot of ink when we produce our prints. We recycle all of the ink cartridges that are used at our printing facility. All cartridges will either be reused or processed into recycled raw materials for use in new consumer products. This greatly reduces the amount of solid waste and toxic ink in landfills and also reduces the amount of limited natural resources being used to produce new cartridges as it greatly expands the reuse and recycling of the plastics used to manufacture the original cartridges We also safely dispose of all waste ink that is not used during the printing process by soaking the ink into a solid material for safe disposal.
Each cartridge returned to our ink supplier’s recycling center undergoes a very stringent process that guarantees the items are handled and recycled or disposed of properly. The majority of returned cartridges are reused for the production of ink replacement cartridges.

In the event that a cartridge is not reusable, our supplier undertakes waste stream procedures to ensure proper dismantling and recycling of the cartridge components.

In either case, our ink supplier's processes ensure that toxic ink and solid waste are not disposed into landfills and that recycled plastics are properly accounted for and transported to recycling centers.


We use only Epson aqueous-based inks (with no VOCs) or eco-solvent inks, specially developed by Epson to provide the advantages of solvent inks but without the risk to health associated with such inks. We always recycle our ink cartridges as described above. We never dispose of them through normal refuse collection or otherwise.

Sustainable paper and canvas

The archival fine art paper that we use is all produced from sustainable sources. Our paper supplier uses only timber from suppliers which are accredited by both the Forest Stewardship Council and the PEFC. For more information about these sustainable forestry accreditation agencies, visit their websites at and respectively.

Unfortunately it is not currently practical to use recycled material for our canvas prints or vinyl products as the recycled product does not give the uniformity of quality necessary to produce fine art prints. However, the canvas that we use is a cotton poly blend, and cotton is a sustainable material.  Thus, we are not depleting finite environmental resources by using canvas produced from cotton.

Recycled and re-used packaging materials

Where possible Encore Editions re-uses and recycles our packaging materials. Sometimes the box that your prints or frames arrive in may not look brand new. That is probably because it is not brand new. It will however be properly packed to protect your prints or frames. The reason we do this is that we try to reduce the amount of packaging waste that ends up in landfills. If your print or frame is damaged during shipment then we will of course replace it free of charge when you return it to us, so we (and not the client) takes the risk of any damage during shipping.